Infinite potential

Spiritual life counsellor, teacher, musician and author, known from TV and media

With heart and expertise, diverse methods of consultation, and my sensitivity as a musician, I strengthen your energies, talents and skills for fulfillment, joy and happiness in your life.

Exciting types of consultations bring clarity into your life: card reading, palmistry, full-body channeling, psychic consultation.

Soothing treatment methods for relaxation, strengthening and inner balance: Reiki, Quantum Transformation, Prana, Aura Cleansing, Past Life Regression with subtle energy healing work, energetic alignment of the spinal column.

You will also find beautiful life force strengthening meditations that are not always available for sale. Highly interesting books from the spirit world with a lot of help for the development of your talents, soul plan and joie de vivre are waiting for you.

Lots of seminars and courses are available upon request. From January 2023 also training in all Reiki degrees.

Whenever possible, consultations can also be given via Whatsapp, Signal, Skype or Zoom.

About me

With my work as a spiritual life counsellor, professional musician, teacher and author with international experience, my psychic abilities have continuously grown stronger over the years.

My work as a singer, conductor, instrumental soloist and teacher already strengthened my sensitivity for subtle energies. My international experience as a musician and dealings with other cultures, diverse ways of thinking and languages ​​have broadened my horizon in many ways.

With my spiritual work in the areas of card reading, palmistry, Reiki, quantum transformation, energetic alignment of the spinal column, ear and/or body candle therapy, past life regression, meditation, mediumship/sensitivity work and full body channeling, I currently serve clients in Austria, Germany, USA, Australia and Switzerland.

The regular attention to body, mind and soul and meditative alignment from the core of the earth into the source are the basis of my life. I regularly read high-quality channeled books from the spirit world with valuable information on all areas of our lives. This enables me to provide modern, forward-orientated, and progressive advice that is enriching for all levels of life.

Christian Germaine: Spiritual life counsellor, teacher, musician and author, known through TV and media