With Christian Germaine you get spiritual advice of extraordinary quality. In great atmosphere, he lovingly and sensitively points out the issues to be solved: accurate, honest, diverse, simply extraordinary.


AS ALWAYS PERFECT!!! Christian has been looking after me brilliantly for a long time!! No matter when we can speak and are indeed able to speak, it is always appropriate, honest, empathetic and reliable. CORRECT. THANK YOU THAT CHRISTIAN EXISTS!!!! ALWAYS AGAIN WITH PLEASURE.


Christian Germaine has subtle energy perception, is very warmhearted and has often helped me when I was at the bottom. His contact with the spiritual world is great. 5 stars and of course recommended. Greetings from a fan.


Yesterday my colleague and dear friend Christian Germaine read my hands. His palmistry skills gave me more insight into the deepest correlations of my being and life as a whole, than any other counseling method known to me. If you truly want to understand and achieve your full potential with well-founded self-knowledge and necessary information, you should definitely let Christian read your hands. Thank you very much for this unique experience.


Christian's palmistry skills gave me deeper insight into who I am, what to strengthen and what some of my beautiful hidden talents are. His information has proven very valuable to me for making important life decisions and embarking on new business ventures. Christian's information on the spirit world, how spirit perceives us and how subtle energy healing works effectively, gave me a deeper, happier and more fulfilling understanding of life on earth. This has proven particularly valuable in these current worrisome days.


Christian Germain opened up many secrets of the spiritual world to me with his warm and open personality. His way of dealing with people and the spirit world is unique. He uses his abilities to connect these two worlds to strengthen ones' conciousness and personality. I appreciate Christian very much and can highly recommend him. His tactfulness and very well-founded knowledge are a great gift for people and the world.


Thank you very much for this nice introduction through your book, dear Christian! After 2 days I was through for the 1st time (but I still have to deepen it often). Great!


A useful book as an introduction to spirituality or as a supplement. Even as an advanced user you will find interesting aspects that you should take up again. A job well done and highly recommended.


Christian identified my situation, the people associated with it, and their traits 100%, even though I hadn't said anything about them... I found Christian to be warm and benevolent and he doesn't embellish the situation or the predictions. His accuracy in combination with the very pleasant way he speaks and what he says has really convinced me. I highly recommend him.


Christian is a very empathetic, excellent consultant with the right amount of humor! He advises very extensively and goes beyond the questions asked without unnecessarily prolonging the conversation. It was a wonderful, personal conversation, dear Christian. You gave me a lot of advice and made May 1st a wonderful day for me! Thank you and a loving hug!


Through pure channeling, and with a sensational spectrum of knowledge, my demanding topic was clarified at the highest level! A spiritual life counsellor who passes on his knowledge and personal experience, as well as concepts that can be implemented in real life! A top expert! Wonderful! I saved so much time, energy, money, and effort through this consultation! I got true help for my life here! Thank you so much.


Always EVERYTHING happened as predicted!!! In addition, humanity, humor, understanding, and empathy rounded off with professional competence! PLEASE CONTINUE IN THIS WAY WITH YOUR WORK!!! THANKS!


Extremely clear, concise statements for the future! He recognized my situation very well. For me, the consultation was highly appropriate to my situation. I feel a lot better now! Many, many thanks!


Hello dear Christian, thank you for your wonderful help and advice in all areas. You were also correct on the topic of love. I thank you for it. I would very much like to recommend you to others. You are so helpful, honest, loving, and full of energy at work. Your heart is in the right place. You did such a great job. Thank you!


A super analysis of my concerns along with useable and coherent solutions to all of my questions! I feel that I am in good hands and have been given more than satisfactory advice. Thank you very much and best regards.


Dear Christian Germaine, thank you very much for this clear, friendly, and helpful conversation, filled with both your heart and your excellent intellectual advice. It made me very happy! To all those who are reading this, I warmly recommend your guidance to everyone looking for advice! All the best to you, too!


Dear Christian, like no other, you understand how the earth ticks and how best to move forward with one's issues. Fast, informative, helpful, and precise. With your wonderful cards, you are the trend-setting aid for every topic.

Christian Germaine: Spiritual life counsellor, teacher, musician, and author, known from TV and media