• 2023 Chakra singing bowl massage with Sabine Jeschke, Vienna, Austria
  • 2023 Ear - and body candles with Sabine Jeschke, Vienna, Austria
  • 2022 Reiki Level 1, 2, 3 Master Level, and Reiki Teacher Level with Sabine Jeschke, Vienna, Austria
  • 2022 Past life regression coach with Sabine Jeschke, Vienna, Austria
  • 2022 Quantum transformation with Sabine Jeschke, Vienna, Austria
  • 2021 Energetic alignment of the spinal column with Sabine Jeschke, Vienna, Austria
  • 2020 Palmistry course with Sonja Schuh, Vienna, Austria
  • 2019 Premium advanced course as a subtle energy/mediumship consultant with Karin Preininger, Wiener Neustadt, Austria
  • 2018 Mediumship/subtle energy consultant course with Brigitte Schöndorfer, Vienna, Austria
  • 2014 Gypsy cards card reader course with Elfriede Jahn, Vienna, Austria
  • 2014 Body-Soul-Center, Akashic Records mediumship consultant course with Amara Yachour, Langenbach, Germany
  • 2014 Spiritual Healer/Spiritual Energy course with Elfriede Jahn, Vienna, Austria
  • 2014 Communication and conversation skills in life coaching with Manuel Möbius, Berlin, Germany
  • 2013 Body-Soul-Centrum card reading Rider-Waite-Tarot at Amara Yachour, Langenbach, Germany
  • 2013 Lenormand card reading course with Vadim Tschenze, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
  • 2013 Gypsy cards card reading course with Britta Katoch, Vienna, Austria
  • 2013 Lenormand premium card reader course with Amara Yachour, Langenbach, Germany
  • 2004 - 2010 training to become a full-body channeler, meditation instructor, card reader, and spiritual life counsellor with Elliada Orr, Melbourne, Australia
  • 1989 - 1994 professional music studies in Mannheim, Germany, and Rochester, NY, USA


Questico Seminars

  • 2022 Life Counsellor@adviqo
  • 2019 How to create customer enthusiasm with competence and quality
  • 2019 Seminar "Professional communication skills II"
  • 2018 Specialist seminar "With 7 steps to success" by Anne Seils
  • 2018 Specialist seminar "Professional communication skills I"
  • 2018 Top consultant at Questico with presence and personality
  • 2017 Discover your potentials and use them optimally
  • 2017 The Questico star principle: Giving consultations with enthusiasm
  • 2017 Questico and consultants in partnership for optimal quality      
Christian Germaine: Spiritual life counsellor, teacher, musician, and author, known from TV and media